Roving / Mingle Magic

The mingle magic package allows josh to reach and every guest while performing close-up slight of hand and intimate illusions. This style promotes interaction amongst your guests ensuring a seamless, entertaining event.


Parlour Show

The Parlour Show retains the intimate feel of close-up magic, but is instead performed in a more formal setting with the audience seated.

The Vip atmosphere makes it ideal as a treat for special guests, important clients or exceptional staff members.

Josh's parlour show best suits audiences of less than 30 people. It is ideal for private parties or small corporate gatherings as it requires no stage and less space and set-up time than the stage show. This show lasts up to 45 minutes.


The Stand-up / Stage Show


The stand-up show invites you and you're guests to sit back and witness astonishing magic, manipulation of the mind, comical audience interaction and a spell binding conclusion!

*dependant on your event the length and nature of the stand-up show can be tailored.